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The foundation's mission is to support activities that advance education by providing, facilitating and/or subsidising the following to disadvantaged gifted children and young adults in Australia and the Philippines:

  • Life and educational mentoring by adults of good character.

  • Indigenous cultural awareness.

  • Cultural and educational exchanges between children with different cultural backgrounds.

  • Facilities to study.

  • Educational expenses.

  • Accommodation expenses.

  • Living expenses.

It endeavours to do this initially through already established accredited organisations in the Philippines, that include schools, universities and orphanages.

The directors and individuals that support the organisation include medical doctors and teachers in Australia and in the Philippines.

Dr Corey Moore, MBBS, BSc (Hons), PhD (founding director)

I moved to the Philippines in my mid-30s to study medicine. I was struck by the inequality that existed both within the country and between our countries. The inequality, however, presented an opportunity as the infrastructure and systems were in place to provide education, food and healthcare to those who could afford it. I wanted to contribute to reducing the inequality, but felt any effort I made would be futile given my limited finances and the number of people who could benefit from a little help. I then realised the smart way to help, was to identify individuals who could help themselves with just a little advice or support; and who could then return the favour to others in the future when they had the opportunity.

You can read about my experiences in the Philippines in an article published in the Medical Student Journal of Australia.

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